Remote work.
Together in a virtual office.

Loop Team is where remote teams communicate,

collaborate, and feel more together.

Stay in the loop

Know who’s around. Connect and collaborate. Share discussions.

See what’s happening

Rich Presence
Seeing who’s really available drives conversation and reduces loneliness.

Automatic-status updates
Real-time context to know when to connect and collaborate.

Live updates
Follow conversations and experience serendipity.

Communicate like you’re side-by-side

Seriously fast
Connect live (audio or video) in just 1-2 seconds.

Quick messaging
Say it with text, links, or emojis.

Customizable windows
Experience optimized for collaboration.

Meet and work in Rooms together
No PINs or waiting rooms, just 1 click and you’re in.

Work without interruptions

Focus mode
AI learns & shows when teammates are in deep work, reducing notification fatigue.

Teammates arranged by time zone
Know when teammates are heading out, or predicted to be next online.

Know team schedules
Calendar integration and work hours makes sync-ups easy.

Teammate insights
Integrated with your work apps (Jira, Google Drive & more) to see context and recent happenings.

See what you missed

Review missed discussions
Scan missed topics and smart highlights in a personalized feed so you feel connected.

Smart notifications
Get alerted when you’re mentioned.

Ready to keep your team in the loop?