Virtual Office for Distributed Teams

Bringing the best parts of working in an office to distributed teams to help them communicate faster, capture and disseminate face-to-face discussions, and stay more connected than ever.

See what's happening

Real presence
Know who's around, available, and the relevant discussions and topics underway.

Automatic status updates
Get context and know when is best to engage.

Live updates
Follow conversations in real time.

Communicate at IRL speed

Seriously fast
Connect live in just 1-2 seconds.

Seamless discussions
Jump into virtual rooms.

Customizable windows
Video sizes optimized for collaboration.

No URLs or Pins
Just 1 click and you're in.


Some teams that use Loop Team

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Know teammates better

Organized by time zone
Know when your teammates may be heading out, or predicted to be next online.

Rich profiles
Insights like location, calendar and holidays set expectations and help you bond with your team.

Daily photos
Express yourself with avatars and memes.

See what you missed

Review missed discussions
Quickly scan relevant topics and audio clips in a personalized feed.

Know when you're needed
Get alerted when you're mentioned.

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